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domingo, 31 de julio de 2011

Hoy cocinamos pollo con dátiles - Today we cook chicken with dates

Ingredientes: !/2 kg de pollo, dátiles, azafrán, 1 cebolla, cuatro cucharadas de aceite de oliva, sal, pimienta, canela en polvo y 1 vaso de vino blanco
Ingredients: 1/2 kg of chicken, dates, saffron, 1 onion, four spoons of olive oil, salt, pepper, ground cinnamon and a glass of white wine

Primero, cortad la cebolla en trozos pequeños (si no queréis llorar con la cebolla, mojad primero el cuchillo con vinagre)
Cut the onion into small pieces (if you don't want to cry when cutting the onion, first wet the knife with vinegar)

Cortar el pollo en tiras y añadirle sal y pimienta
Cut the chicken into strips and add salt and pepper

Cortar los dátiles en trozos pequeños
Cut the dates into small pieces

Freir la cebolla lentamente en aceite de oliva durante 10 minutos
Fry the onion slowly in olive oil for 10 minutes

Añadir el pollo, los dátiles, un poquito de azafrán y la canela
Add the chicken, the dates, a bit of saffron and the cinnamon

Añadir el vino blanco
Add the white wine

Cocinarlo lentamente durante 20-25 minutos
Cook slowly for 20-25 minutes

Que aproveche!!!!
Enjoy it!!!

16 comentarios:

  1. Que buena pinta y que buen concinero jeje.

  2. YUM! We're always beary hungry after we visit your blog. Can we come over for dinner? hehe

  3. This chicken dish must be delicious! Thanks for the tip of using vinegar to prevent crying from cutting onions, we never heard of this method before, next time we'll try! Our method is putting the onions in the freezer for about 15 minutes :-D

  4. @Bea: Muchas gracias, Hugo es un excelente cocinero, jajaja!!!

  5. @Jerry and Ben: You can come to our home and have dinner with us whenever you want ;-)

  6. @Hugo: I will try your trick too, my trick is usually effective (at least, you don't cry a lot, you only cry a little, hehehe) XDD

  7. Lo mejor de todo es lo bueno que está este plato, Hugo ha seguido con éxito las enseñanzas de su dueña y es un gran cocinero.


  8. @Pedro: jejeje, muchas gracias! Tú que me miras con buenos ojos :)

  9. G. and I don't eat meat, but we like dates :-)!

  10. @Hammie: ohhh, then you can try a vegetarian recipe that I did some time ago; this is the link:

  11. Many thanks Hugo for the yummy recipe. The plush and me got very hungry while watching your nice photos. We love all the ingredients and will surely try to cook this delicious chicken :-) Kisses

  12. @Leona: I'm sure that your cooking will be perfect! You will like this recipe a lot :)

  13. @Potamotrygorgeous: It IS delicious and without fat! Just try it once and tell me if you like it :)