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martes, 9 de febrero de 2010

Jolly Bob está malito - Jolly Bob is ill

Brrr!!!! I have fever!!!
Brrrr!!! ¡Tengo fiebre!

What can I do???
¿Qué puedo hacer?

Help us, Dr. Sheebo
Ayúdanos, Dr. Sheebo

Let me see, hummm
Déjame ver, hummm

Harrison has the solution: he has Flu
El Harrison tiene la solución: tiene gripe

Awww, it hurts me!!
Ayyyy, ¡me duele!

Poor Bob, I will take care of you all night long
Pobre Bob, cuidaré de ti toda la noche

Jolly Bob no se encontraba bien. Tenía fiebre y escalofríos. La pobre Jolly Lovely no sabía que hacer, así que llamó al Dr. Sheebo. El diagnóstico fue que Bob el jamaicano no está acostumbrado al frío de Europa y ha cogido la gripe. Esperemos que mañana se encuentre mejor

Jolly Bob didn't feel very well. He had fever and chills. Poor Jolly Lovely did'nt know what to do, so she called Dr. Sheebo. The diagnosis was that Jamaican Bob was not used to cold Europe, and he has flu. We hope that tomorrow he feels better.

8 comentarios:

  1. We wish a good improvement. With this care you become sure soon healthy

  2. Poor thing BOB. I hope the injection was not too painful. But I did laugh at that photo. Meh Mehhh... Hope you don't mind.

  3. Hehe, we laughed a lot when taking the photo XDD
    Fortunately, Bob feels much better today.

  4. Haha.... I can't stop laughing when I saw Sheebo do the injection to bob.

    Sheebo: "It will be just a sting, no worry bob"

    Bob: "... You sure?"

    Sheebo: "Ya, just a sting, trust me"

    When it Poke!

    Bob: "Ouucchhhh!!!!!!!" (while he knocking his head toward the wall to express the pain!)

    Sheebo: "Ok, here we go, you should get well soon after a rest"

    Bob: "T.T"

  5. Ya está haciendo travesuras, aunque todavía le duele la inyección (jejejeje)

  6. I know I'm late in commenting but that picture with Sheebo poking the needle into Bob is so hilarious. I cannot stop laughing

  7. @Hugo: it is one of my favourite photos. We couldn't stop laughing when taking the pic :)))