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domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2009

Jolly Mäh & the piano

Como podéis ver, Jolly Mäh tiene varios personajes:
Jolly Louise (la oveja blanca)
Jolly Ben (la oveja negra)
Jolly Jomo (la oveja marrón)
Jolly James (la oveja gris)
Jolly Sheebo (la oveja con jersey naranja)
Jolly Rosa (la oveja con la flor rosa)
Y la francesa Jolly Liselle, de la cual os hablaré en próximos posts

As you can see, Jolly Mäh has different characters:
Jolly Louise (the white sheep)
Jolly Ben (the black sheep)
Jolly Jomo (the brown sheep)
Jolly James (the grey sheep)
Jolly Sheebo (the sheep in orange pullover)
Jolly Rosa (the sheep with a pink flower)
And the french Jolly Liselle, I will tell you of her in next posts

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  1. thanks for visiting my blog.. and congrats to your new blog.. :D post more photos... yay.. you've a whole lot of jolly mahs too!!.. which I don't.. lol..

  2. Thanks a lot, Shirleen. I promise I will post a lot of photos of my little Jolly Mähs, and of the other Nici's (i've got more than 30!!!). Kisses a lot

  3. Hi, until today, I didn't even know they have their own personal name.. :)

    Thanks, Raquel sharing with us..

  4. I discovered it in the new Nici's web-page. The names are very cute :))
    Thanks for your comments and kisses

  5. amo los peluches nici :D
    lastima q el texto este en aleman :(

  6. ola me poDRIAS decir donde los conseguiste mi korreo es pink_rocker_fresa@hotmail.com gracias!!

  7. La oveja JOLLY de la marca NICI estrena Facebook y Twitter oficial en España! Publicaremos viajes, sorteos y muuuuchas sorpresas más! Queremos contar con vuestra participación y viajes de vuestros peluches. Sígueme!


  8. São adoráveis!!!
    Eu amo os peluches da nici